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这是一个泰国人申请马来西亚签证入境时候的盖章(如下图),如果你看到了这么一个入境盖章,我想你都会觉得非常之精彩,因为马来西亚旅游签证本该是30天的逗留期(里面的英文明确说明30天),结果是海关人员写了RT 28.6.19在上面,而且这个哥们是从吉隆坡国际机场入境的,基本上是坐飞机过来无疑了。



1、perhaps the traveler has records of IN and OUT too many times ... and in a short period of time ... he/she will be queried or "profiled"! 这有可能是签证持有人入境次数过于频繁导致的被海关人员“关注”到了。

2、This time admin is wrong last week my friend got the same isuue we go to jalan duta immigration officer there said us that even the entry immigration officer write the return flight date still visa is valid till 30 days and u come for extension (if required) before the 30 days of entry。这个人(问了移民局)说上面的日期其实是机票返程的日期,所以你还是可以更改机票返程一直呆满30天的,所以小曹也是觉得很有道理。

3、If he student ...In 10 days he have to get another 6 month sticker from his College /University. His college /University have to submit his all documents in 10 days..Isn't it? 这个人说此签证其实是个留学生报到签证,也就是说9天内应该去学校递交护照改贴长期学生签证,或者是长期工作签证入境换签的过度印章,嗯嗯这个也是有可能。

4、This is my take.

RT = Return Ticket (sighted) & Date of departure

This is the standard verification work of the IMI Officer. Some travelers /tourist must show a outbound air-ticket to IMI (One of the entry requirements). Some tickets have fixed date, some are "open" ticket.

It is specified there, mainly the traveler could not give assurance that he will return on that date even though he has passed all the minimum entry requirements.

If this traveler ever overstay more than 30 days, this person will be detain and send to Detention camp to be charged in a court of law for presenting a fake ticket to an IMI Officer. Fine, compound fine and/or jail term. That is why some of them who surrender because of overstay were detained /arrested and send to detentions camps for further investigation because of this RT date sighted. For those who did not fly back on the date stated in the VISIT PASS, and if the RT date is written there, get new valid ticket and get a new endorsement date from any IMI Office. 这个讲的就比较专业了,意思就是RT其实是返程机票的意思,然后如果你改机票的话需要到移民局从新获得许可。

5、Because it depends where u from and second that how u answer the questions of the immigration officer at the counter. 这个人说移民局官员会不会写出那个日期取决于你当场跟工作人员的对话,所以他确认你那个日期会离境,如果不离境的话就有可能有猫腻~



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